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Why Professionals and Companies Outside India DON'T Use Email Addresses?

  1. @gmail and @yahoo email addresses are used by spammers and hackers.

  2. Such addresses reduce the image of a company or organization. It creates a notion that the company is not professional enough.

  3. It is like not having a visiting card

  4. Most company executives do not trust emails coming from such addresses.

  5. According to data, 44% emails coming from such email IDs are directly deleted. That is almost half.

  6. Companies don't feel safe sharing their data with such email addresses

  7. @gmail and @yahoo email accounts are not safe and prone to hacking

  8. Data in these accounts is not secure and is used by Google and it's affiliates

  9. 2 persons can have same gmail address due to a loop hole

Why Indian Professionals and Small Companies Use @gmail Addresses?

  1. First and Foremost, because the server never goes down. The email is always working.

  2. Because it's FREE.

  3. Mailbox size is large. So no need to delete previous emails.

  4. It's fast and accessible on mobile.

  5. It is accessible anywhere on browser.

  6. Because everyone else uses it.

  7. Previous email vendor cheated and had a bad experience.

  8. "Chalta hai" attitude.

 The Right Approach! 

  1. Premium Tier email systems never go down. And are cheaper than your daily expenditure on office chai.

  2. Company branded email address is an essential, vital asset. It is not for value addition.
    Just like a visiting card is a necessity and not a value addition.

  3. kind of email address gives your company a professional appeal.

  4. You should not be running towards free, as pricing of premium systems is already cheap.

  5. Daily chai for each employee costs more than a premium, empowering and fast email system.

  6. Your business data can be secured from spammers. Also from notorious employees

  7. Data is secure and private. Google does not use it. No Ads.

  8. Gives you confidence to share your email address in any meeting or any conference

  9. Establishes your brand name. Anyone will recall your company name whenever they are sending you an email. Also gives a chance for them to visit your website

  10. Gives you peace of mind for data security.

 EmailFRY's Offering 

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