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Microsoft's office tools now available online and on all devices. Now, use outlook on laptop, mobile, iPad, cyber-cafe or any other computer by simple login. Pay per month for licenses instead of investing lakhs in paper licenses. 

Office 365 - Mix n Match Package

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Enterprise E 1 Pack consists of:

    Features Enterprise Plan 1
    Enterprise class Email Yes. 50 GB Storage
    File Storage and Sharing by OneDrive Yes. 1 TB Storage
    Desktop license of MS Office Apps No. Only web versions.
    Sharepoint for intranet Yes.
    Online meetings upto 10,000 people using Skype Yes.
    Archiving and e-discovery No.
    Advanced Protection Policies for data No.
    Calls exchange using Cloud PBX No.
    Meetings for dial in participants No.
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